Ashton Kutcher Considered Jumping Off Balcony for Twin Michael Kutcher

Trigger warning: This article discusses suicidal ideation

Ashton Kutcher wanted to help his brother by any means necessary. 

Alongside twin Michael Kutcher, the That ’70s Show actor opened up about both of their health scares in an emotional series premiere of Paramount+’s The Checkup with Dr. David Agus. During the episode, the brothers recalled when Michael, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, checked into the emergency room after experiencing flu-like symptoms. Doctors diagnosed Michael with an enlarged heart, and after he flatlined, the then 13-year-old was given just 48 hours to live without a heart transplant.

After hearing that news, Ashton said he began to think of possible solutions—including how he could be his brother’s heart donor.

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘If anyone’s a match, I’m a match,'” he remembered. “So now, you start running that cycle through your head. You’re like, ‘This balcony looks far enough to take things.'”


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