Brittney Griner’s Agent Addresses Her Possible Return to WNBA

Brittney Griner Arrives in the U.S. After Release From Russia

Brittney Griner has entered the court. 

The WNBA star is currently at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas—where she was taken after being released from a Russian prison Dec. 8—and has dunked a basketball for the first time in 10 months, according to her agent Lindsay Kagawa Colas, per ESPN. However, this light workout doesn’t mean Brittney is ready to return to the sport just yet. 

“If she wants to play, it will be for her to share,” Lindsay told the outlet. “She has the holidays to rest and decide what’s next without any pressure. She’s doing really, really well. She seems to have endured this in pretty incredible ways.”

And although Brittney has yet to make a public announcement since her release, Lindsay noted that she should be ready to issue a statement “this week.”

Along with hitting the court, the agent also told ESPN that the athlete, 32, has reunited with her dad Ray and other family members over the weekend and even got a haircut.

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