Cristiano Ronaldo Dropped From Portugal’s World Cup Starting Lineup

Cristiano Ronaldo has been benched—temporarily, at least.

The soccer star was dropped from Portugal’s starting lineup on Dec. 6 ahead of their World Cup game against Switzerland. Instead, Ronaldo, 37, was replaced on the lineup by teammate Goncalo Ramos, who scored during the first half of the game.

FOX—who is airing the World Cup—reported during its broadcast that Portugal coach Fernando Santos called the decision a “tactical” one and not a “disciplinary” move.

This lineup change comes just days after Ronaldo seemingly disapproved of being substituted out of his team’s match against South Korea on Dec. 2, appearing to say that Santos was in a “rush” to get him out.

Ronaldo’s frustration was later addressed by Coach Santos. “I didn’t hear anything. I was too far, and this is why I only saw him arguing with a South Korean player, and nothing else,” Santos—referring to Ronaldo’s exchange with player Cho Gue-Sung—told reporters, via ESPN. “Have I already watched the footage? Yes. I didn’t like it. Didn’t like it at all.”

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