Get 2 Too Faced 24-Hour Eyeshadow Primers for the Price of 1

Do you need additional insights before you shop? Check out these product reviews from Too Faced shoppers.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 24-Hour Eyeshadow Primer Reviews

A shopper explained, “It made my eyeshadow (drug store, higher end, and designer) all last longer. I noticed a definite difference when I didn’t wear it because it was less bold, creased, faded, and didn’t blend as well when I didn’t wear it.”

Another raved, “The Too Faced Shadow Insurance 24-Hour Eyeshadow Primer is a fantastic eyeshadow primer! I tested out this product by wearing my eyeshadow for 11 hours and I was very impressed with the fact that it looked exactly the same right before I took it off as when I applied it.”

Someone else reviewed, “This primer helps my eyeshadow to stay all day without creasing or fading!”

“The primer makes the eyeshadow look flawless and it lasted me all day,” a fan of the product wrote.

A Too Faced customer said, “First time I tried an eyeshadow primer. This came at the perfect moment. Works perfectly to keep my makeup looking good during this hot weather, it works great for humidity and also helps making the color pop.”

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