Heybike Cityrun review: The perfect e-bike for commuting


  • Brake and turn signal indicators
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Bright lights, rear rack, fenders
  • Comfortable handlebars and grips
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Smartphone application

I started riding electric bikes several years ago, and I’ve had the opportunity to review many models in 2022, such as the great-looking Fiido X and the passenger-friendly Lectric XP 3.0. In my past reviews, I had bike models from Heybike listed in my alternatives to consider.

A few weeks ago, the company reached out and asked if I wanted to evaluate one of its many models. Since I ride an e-bike as part of my daily commute, I decided to test out the Heybike Cityrun in orange. It comes in orange, green, and black colors with a current price of $1,299.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Heybike Cityrun, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover it is optimized for the commuter with a few safety and convenience features, including the outstanding high-quality front and rear lights, turn signal indicators in the rear light, leather handlebar grips, water bottle cup holder, and very comfortable swept-back-style handlebars.

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The Heybike Cityrun also has an accompanying iOS and Android smartphone app with ways to customize your bike, turn it on and off, and even track your rides and ride history. It’s a very capable e-bike that will appeal to commuters.


Motor size 500W rear hub
Pedal Assist 3 levels with throttle
Range 55 miles with pedal assist, 40 miles throttle
Top speed 20 mph
Suspension Hydraulic front forks
Gears 7-speed Shimano
Battery capacity 48V with 4-5 hour charge time
Display Backlit LCD with smartphone app and Bluetooth
Lights Front and rear connected to the battery
Payload capacity 350 lbs
Rear rack capacity 120 lbs
Brakes Hydraulic disc
Tires 26″ x 2.5″
Bike weight 61.7 lbs

Assembly and prep to ride

I’ve been spoiled by some of the many recent folding bikes I have tested that came in the box fully assembled, so I only needed to unfold the bike to get out and go. The Heybike Cityrun requires a bit more work to get up and running, especially for my test unit, which arrived with a broken rear fender. (I had to fully remove the rear wheel to install the new replacement rear fender.)

Heybike provides a very comprehensive and detailed manual, along with all of the tools you need to assemble and maintain the bike. Simply follow the directions to assemble the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, seat, front fender, and rear rack, and you should have the bike up and running in 30 minutes or so. I was a bit surprised to see that it’s necessary to install the rear rack, but this gives you the flexibility to use the bike without the rack. 

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The front suspension fork can move up and down up to 80mm. The lockout lever, found on the right side, can be used to lock the suspension fork’s travel. The adjustment knob on the left side can make the suspension stiffer or softer.

The battery can only be removed by inserting the key and unlocking the battery. You do not need the key inserted to operate the bike, so store the key away safely to remove the battery for charging and storage. You can also charge up the battery with it mounted on the bike.

Controls for the bike and display are found on the left side of the handlebars. There are several icons on the controls and options for showing different types of data on the display. The headlights will turn on automatically when the display is on and the environment is dark, but you can also manually turn them on as well.


For the best experience with the Heybike Cityrun, you should download and install the Heybike smartphone app. Connect the bike via Bluetooth, and then the bike will turn on automatically when you approach it with your smartphone. You can also have it auto-lock when Bluetooth is disconnected, including giving that a time limit. This is a great security feature and while it won’t prevent theft, it should make the bike less enticing to thieves.

The smartphone app also lets you log your rides and view the history of your rides. You can control speed level settings, backlight, and assist strength using the app.

The Heybike Cityrun is rated to provide up to 55 miles of range using pedal assist mode Level 1 with a 165-pound passenger and 40 miles of throttle-only mode. I am a 240-pound rider who spends a lot of time riding on hills, so my range was less. I typically ride 7 miles a day, so I was able to go a week between charging the bike, which is all I am looking for in a commuter-class e-bike.

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The bike is designed for riders from 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet, 5 inches, with a nice step-through design that makes it easy to get on and off the bike. This is the first e-bike I have tested with a water bottle holder included and attached. Given that it is an e-bike and not a standard bike, you might also want to use this to hold your coffee cup during your commute.

One thing that stood out to me was the size of the bike, especially the handlebar height of 44 inches. The bike is just over 6 feet long with a handlebar width of 26 inches. It gets up and goes quickly with the assist and throttle, which I love when leaving from a stopped position.

Bottom line

While I enjoy the compact storage of a folding bike like the Zectron, nothing beats the commuting experience of a bike designed and optimized for commuting with traffic. The Heybike Cityrun was perfect for commuting, with the handy turn signal indicators. It’s tough to ride a big, heavy e-bike and get those arm signals out, so I greatly appreciated the bright, flashing electronic turn signals. The bright brake light is also great for letting drivers know what you are doing on the bike. The bike has a fairly loud horn, too, so you can sound the signal when needed.

The smartphone app lets you customize and update the bike, control whether it’s locked, and track your rides. The orange color is also a nice safety feature, since it stands out on the street. The Heybike Cityrun is well-constructed with good-quality welds and an outstanding paint job, and it feels solid at high speeds. The seat is comfortable and I love the angled handlebars with leather grips on the end. The display is large and the controls are easy to use as well.

Alternatives to consider

The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X is an excellent commuter bike thanks to its Class 3 designation and obtainable speeds. These and others to consider are listed below.

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