Meta is shutting down its Cameo-like ‘Super’ app in February • TechCrunch

Meta has announced that it’s shutting down its Cameo-like app, Super, on February 15, 2023. The company says when it began developing Super in 2020, it had hoped to create a virtual meet and greet experience that was similar to what you experience at a real-life event like VidCon on Comic-Con.

“What we found we’d created, however, was a much greater opportunity for creators and fans to connect in fun and exciting ways,” the company said in a statement. “We saw creators and fans raise funds for good causes, launch a new set of books, test drive new jokes for standup routines, and even play trivia against one another. It was amazing to see the joy and creativity in each new Super event. Sadly, however, the time has come for us to say goodbye. We hope you’ve enjoyed using Super as much as we enjoyed building it for you.”

Although Super won’t officially shut down until February, users won’t be able to create a new event during the shutdown period. If users have an upcoming scheduled event on Super, the company recommends that the event be rescheduled on another platform. Meta says users who participated in a Super event or hosted one can download their recorded media before the company officially decommissions its website in February.

Super joins a long list of experiments and apps that have been shut down by Meta this year. The company recently shut down its Facebook live shopping feature on October 1 to shift its focus to Reels. Also in October, Facebook shut down its standalone gaming app two years after its launch. In September, Meta shut down Neighborhoods, its Nextdoor clone launched last year to standardize the way neighbors connect and share local news and information on Facebook.

In July, Meta shut down Tuned, its social app for couples that launched a little over two years after it launched. In March, Facebook shut down its college student-only social network called Campus. In January, the company shut down its video speed-dating service called Sparked.

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