See the First Trailer for HBO’s White House Plumbers

Get ready for your new HBO series obsession. 

The highly anticipated White House Plumbers is officially on the way and the Dec. 9 trailer is already giving us one intense history lesson. The five-episode HBO limited series explores the story of E. Howard Hunt, played by Woody Harrelson, and G. Gordon Liddy, played by Justin Theroux, who orchestrated the Watergate burglary that led to the demise of Richard Nixon’s presidency.

The trailer starts off with former White House Counsel John Dean, played by actor Domhnall Gleeson telling the Watergate duo, “Gentlemen, the president needs men of action. Your new mission is to make sure he wins this election.” 

Visibly curious, E. Howard Hunt responds with a blunt, “What are we talking about here?”

John cuts straight to the chase letting the duo know what is expected of them, explaining, “sabotage, espionage, infiltration, bare-knuckle tactics.” He goes on to justify his requests by noting, “same s–t they do to us every election.”

The narrator then utters the words that began the historic plot twist, “We have recruited covert operatives to plant surveillance inside the Watergate.”

In a scene where the pair is seen plotting to take on the task, White House staffer Egil Krogh, played by Rich Sommer, warns the gentlemen, “You are White House employees on the payroll. For God’s sake, don’t get caught.”  

Their response?

An unbothered laugh.

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