The Holiday Director Nancy Meyers Reveals Fate of Movie Sequel

Cue the Santa Ana winds, Nancy Meyers has spoken about The Holiday sequel.

After reports circulated that Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and the rest of cast from the beloved 2006 Christmas movie were reuniting to film a sequel, its writer/director is officially setting the record straight.

Sharing a screenshot of a Daily Mail article about the rumored sequel, Nancy wrote in her Dec. 6 Instagram post, “So many DM’s about this – sorry but it’s not true.”

Prior to Meyers confirming a sequel to The Holiday is not in the works, rumors were circulating that the film would pick up 16 years after the first film, revealing the fate of the respective relationships Cameron and Kate’s characters developed with Jude Law and Jack Black.  

The It’s Complicated director’s update comes months after Cameron revealed she was returning to acting after an eight-year hiatus. The Charlie’s Angels star is set to star in the upcoming Netflix movie Back in Action. Earlier this fall, she reflected on her decision to return to the front of the camera again, explaining that it was like riding a bike.

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