9 ways Apple Watch can simplify your life

If you need directions often and have an Apple Watch, then I can’t recommend using Apple Maps enough. 

In true Apple ecosystem fashion, your Apple Watch works best when combined with Apple’s proprietary navigation app. You can search for directions from the Apple Watch, and when you’re using step-by-step navigation, you’ll get haptic feedback when you need to make a turn or take an exit. 

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This feature is particularly helpful if you live in a big city and do a lot of walking. You can avoid getting distracted by looking down at your phone for turn-by-turn directions. This can also prevent distracted driving, or if you just tend to miss turns and exits no matter what navigation app you use.

Keep in mind that this is more of a guide than a replacement for GPS navigation, as the Apple Watch doesn’t give different vibration patterns to alert to make a right or left turn, rather it vibrates when you need to take an action. You’d still need to look down at your watch to see what to do, unless you have earphones in to hear the voice direction at the same time. 

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