Does Prince Harry Fact Check The Crown? He Says…

Prince Harry is, quite literally, a royal watcher. 

The Duke of Sussex stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Jan. 10, where he was asked by host Stephen Colbert if he’s ever watched The Crown, the Netflix drama about the reign of Harry’s late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II—and the controversies and scandals within the royal family. And he admitted, “I have actually watched The Crown.”

When asked which seasons he’s watched, Harry said, “The older stuff and the more recent stuff.” So…all five seasons?

Stephen, half-jokingly, followed up by asking Harry if he fact checks the show—which has often run into controversy for its interpretation of events—to which Harry responded by pulling out a fake pen and paper and taking notes.

“Yes,” he responded, “I do, actually.”

Harry, on The Late Show promoting his memoir Spare, then pointed to his book on Stephen’s desk and said, “By the way, another reason why it’s so important that history has it right.”

(For the record, we did our own fact checking of The Crown‘s fifth season, which you can read here.)

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