Save 50% On a Top-Selling Robe From Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Cozy Line

If you need additional info before you shop, check out these rave reviews from people who can’t get enough of this robe.

SKIMS Cozy Knit Short Robe Reviews

A shopper explained, “I’ve always had an UGG robe which I thought couldn’t be beat in terms of comfiness. SKIMS robe beats it by far! The softness & overall feel of this robe is indescribable. The quality is truly fantastic & I would live in it if I could.”

Another reviewed, “Yes Yes Yes! I’ve ordered a few products from different Skim lines but this has to be the comfiest COZY robe ever! It’s like being wrapped in a puffy cloud, but just do it.”

Someone gushed, “I absolutely love my skims cozy collection. Excellent quality. I have 3 sets! Perfect as my work from home attire!!”

A shopper wrote, “Love! I was debating on buying this for myself but I am so happy I did! It’s super comfortable and I don’t feel sloppy wearing it around the house. You should definitely buy it.”

“The cozy knit robe is so soft and cozy. It feels as if you are having a loving hug,” a SKIMS customer said.

A fan of the robe shared, “This is my go to robe for everything. The cozy collection is my favorite on skims because it makes you feel soooo warm and comfortable cuddly I love it and every single thing on skims. If you haven’t bought this ‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR HUH’!!!!”

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