How Rihanna Hid Pregnancy From Her Super Bowl 2023 Dancers

Rihanna can take a bow for pulling off one epic pregnancy reveal.

Not only did the pop star surprise millions of viewers across the nation when she debuted her baby bump during the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 12, but she managed to leave dancers all around her in awe, too. 

“I did not know she was pregnant,” a performer named Luhnyae—who said she spent a week rehearsing in a group with Rihanna, 34, before the big performance—shared in a Feb. 13 TikTok video. “I was surprised.”

Rihanna kept her baby bump hidden from view by wearing “big fur coats” and oversized Fenty sweaters throughout rehearsals, according to the dancer, who said that she didn’t realize the singer is pregnant until after the show when there was online chatter about the singer’s belly.

“I was low key mad at everybody ’cause I was like, ‘This is just her postpartum body. Why are you judging her?'” the 20-year-old recalled. “But no, she’s actually pregnant!”

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