Megan Mullally Convinced Nick Offerman to Join The Last of Us

One of those messages came in the form of a tweet from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who tweeted Jan. 31, “Episode 3 of Last of Us is unbelievably good story telling. I am in awe of
@Nick_Offerman performance. Incredible.”

When asked by Jimmy about being lauded on social media by one of the world’s richest people, Nick joked, “It’s crazy. I got in touch with Jeff and said thank you. He bumped me up to something called Super Prime. They deliver my package and give me twenty dollars.”

Nick’s performance—which chronicles Bill’s decades-long relationship with partner Frank, played by The White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett—gives a touching backstory to Bill not told in the Last of Us video games, on which the series based. 

However, Nick didn’t have any recent real-life gaming experience to use as inspiration, as he explained to Jimmy.

“25 years ago I played my last video game and I’m very indulgent,” he said. “I lost a couple of weeks to a video game called Banjo-Kazooie. Two weeks went by and the slow dopamine drip is so delicious. Then it’s over and you’re like, ‘Yes, I won’ and immediately I’m like, ‘What have I done with my life?’ I decided I’m never going to do that again.”

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