This Easy-to-Use Wine Opener Is Surprisingly Affordable, Too

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Cork Genius likes to say that everyone can “drink smarter,” as long as they’ve got “the help of a little science.” By “harnessing the power of chemistry and physics,” they craft “stunningly simple and snobbery-free” tools for the bar.

One essential that every home bar can’t be without? A quality wine opener. So Cork Genius developed an air-pump wine opener that’s designed to be “the last bottle opener you’ll ever need.”

Does anyone enjoy twisting and pulling corkscrews, or fishing around for broken corks? No! Of course not. That’s why the Cork Genius Air-Pump Wine Opener uses the natural pressure of the bottle itself for “effortless” opening. Just “push, pump, and pop.” No, really! The scientists say that.

Additionally, the Cork Genius opener was intentionally made from “durable and indestructible polycarbonate and stainless-steel materials.” So not only was it designed to be effortless; it was built to last, too. Cheers!

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