Derek Jeter Shares Rare Look Inside His All-Star Life as a Girl Dad

Derek Jeter has stepped up to the fatherhood plate.

Close to 10 years after retiring from MLB, the former New York Yankees player is taking a swing at carpools instead of baseballs as he raises daughters Bella Raine, 5, Story Grey, 4, and River Rose, 15 months, with wife Hannah Jeter

“They were taking tennis lessons for a while,” Derek exclusively shared with E! News. “I want my girls to be involved in sports, just because there’s lessons that you learn from playing sports like work ethic, teamwork, setting goals and you have to deal with failure.”

At the same time, Derek isn’t pushing them into playing anything specific. Instead, he’s hoping they find their own passions organically.

“I was never pushed into playing sports, but I think it’s important for them to do it at some point,” he said. “The fun part of having kids that are so young is you can introduce them to all different types of career opportunities, all different things and you want them to find what they’re excited about.”

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