Hannah Brown & Adam Woolard Just Took This Major Step in Their Romance

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard are saddling up for the next big adventure.

As the Bachelor Nation alum and her model boyfriend prepare to take their love story to Nashville, they’ve taken followers along as they say goodbye to their life in California.

“All moved out, we are really leaving,” Hannah, 28, said in a video on her Instagram Stories March 26, before asking Adam, “How do you feel babe?”

“You know, it’s bittersweet,” Adam, 32, responded. “We kind of started our relationship here and we got Wally here when he was a puppy.”

As for how Wally is feeling about the big move? Hannah has us covered as she pretended to answer for him saying, “I don’t want to leave the beach, are you kidding me? What are we doing. Why are we leaving this place!”

But it seems she and Adam, are ready to take on the Music City. As the Bachelor alum concluded her video, “New beginnings.” 

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