How Naya Rivera’s Son Josey Is Following In His Parents’ Footsteps

This apple may not fall far from the family tree.

Ryan Dorsey recently revealed that his and the late Naya Rivera‘s 7-year-old son Josey has expressed interest in following in his actor parents’ footsteps. And he already has some big plans in place.

“He wants to do his own YouTube channel,” Ryan exclusively told E! News. “He wants to re-create these Batman scenes. He wants me to be The Joker and he wants to be Batman. The other day he said to me in the bathroom—I bought him a new Batman cowl and utility belt—and he was like, ‘Dad, thanks for getting that for me. I’m really ready to take this Batman stuff to the next level.'”

Watch your back, Robert Pattinson.

Josey’s interest in show business has already worked out quite well for Ryan, who is best known for his roles on shows like Justified, Yellowstone and Big Sky.

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