If you want a checkmark on Twitter now, you’re going to have to pay for it

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Twitter is retiring its blue checkmarks for  “authentic, notable, and active” accounts, such as those for government figures, entertainers, athletes, activists, content creators, or journalists. 

Owner and CEO Elon Musk had claimed earlier that “Twitter’s legacy Blue Verified is unfortunately deeply corrupted, so will sunset in a few months.” Going forward, blue checkmarks will be reserved for Twitter Blue active subscribers. 

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Twitter Blue subscriptions are available with monthly or annual prices starting at $8/month or $84/year for web-based accounts. Android and iOS app Twitter Blue accounts are available for $11/month or $114.99.

For this fee, besides the checkmark, users have been promised the ability to edit tweets within the first half hour; organize and bookmark tweets, customize their Twitter app icon and Twitter page; an “undo tweet” button that allows you to retract a tweet after you send it, but before other Twitter users can see it; and 2FA security via text. They’ll also get first access to newer features. The first of these will enable users to write 4,000-character tweets. 

Twitter has also introduced a gold checkmark and a square profile picture for official business accounts through Twitter Verified Organizations. This is an account that gives its purchasers Twitter Blue’s features. When you activate this account, you will be able to designate accounts within your organization as affiliates of your organizational account. An affiliated account will receive a checkmark and an affiliate badge-derived organizational account profile picture. 

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While Twitter has yet to officially announce the price for this account, it’s been confirmed by numerous sources that companies will pay $1,000 a month for their gold verification badge, with an additional $50 a month for each affiliated account.

A  gray checkmark signifies government, multilateral organizations, or their officials. It’s still not clear what the eligibility criteria for gray checkmarks are or if there’s any cost. 

Additionally, affiliation badges have been added to indicate an account’s connection to a verified organization. These badges, containing the profile photo of the organization, can appear alongside gold, gray, or blue checkmarks, depending on the type of account. They will be displayed across multiple areas of the platform, such as profiles, tweets, and search results.

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State-affiliated media labels and government labels now provide additional context for accounts controlled by specific state-affiliated entities or individuals. These labels include the account’s country affiliation, the type of entity it represents, and a small flag icon.

Automated account labels are currently being tested to help users identify bot accounts. Professional category labels have been introduced for users to select when converting to a Professional Account. These accounts provide access to account analytics, Tweet promotion via Twitter Ads products, and Monetization. At this time, these accounts are free and do come with access to Twitter Blue’s features.

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