Taylor Frankie Paul Gives Update on Mental Health Journey After Arrest

TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul is sharing insight into her personal development amid her legal troubles.

Nearly one month after the 28-year-old was arrested following an alleged confrontation with her boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, 30, she shared a few life updates, which includes plans to move elsewhere in Utah.

“I also got on Zoloft to help with my depression and anxiety,” Taylor said in a March 22 TikTok. “I’m on week four, so I don’t know if I see a major difference yet, but I’ll keep you guys updated on that. I also started EMDR [eye movement desensitization and reprocessing] therapy and so far, have loved it.”

As Taylor—who announced her split from ex-husband Tate Paul in May 2022—explained of her therapy, “We’re just working on all the trauma and kinda going to start diving into how we can help cope with it, one, starting with my divorce.”

The influencer also noted that she’s now viewing her anxiety in a different light, adding, “I’m just learning how to shift it to better thoughts, so I don’t have such bad anxiety.”

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