What is Lemon8 and why is everyone talking about it on TikTok?

Lemon8 is a video and photo-sharing social media app. It doesn’t support vertical video scrolling, and the content created on the app usually centers around a specific topic. 

The top trending topics on the app are fashion, beauty, food, wellness, and travel. Under each topic are suggestions, recommendations, get-ready-with-me style videos, and perfectly curated, aesthetically pleasing content. 

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Fashion influencers on Lemon8 can “tag” where they bought their clothes and how much they cost. Lemon8 is most akin to Instagram in that the content created on the app aims to influence you to buy something to be more similar to your favorite influencer. 

Instagram is notorious for “contrived spontaneity,” or the idea that a perfect moment or photo occurred naturally. Spectators are now more aware that most content on Instagram is edited or staged in some way, which has recently driven some users away from the app.

But those who enjoy aesthetically pleasing content can find it on Lemon8, free of the things they don’t like about Instagram’s interface.

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