Why Andi Dorfman Says Freezing Her Eggs Kept Her From Settling

Ultimately, despite the ups and downs, Andi noted in her post that she “wouldn’t change my path/timing for the world.” So even on days that don’t feel like a bed of roses, she wants fans to keep this advice in mind. 

“I lived that life of being single, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy,” she shared with E!. “There are times when you’re single at a wedding and you feel bad. But that’s OK for yourself to feel bad. Don’t make anyone else feel bad for you or at you.”

The former attorney added, “I look back and some of my happiest times were when I was single, and some of my least happy times were when I was in relationships. So ask yourself that question: when am I happiest? And if it’s when you’re single, then you haven’t been with the right person.” 

For Andi, Blaine is that right person. As she revealed in her post, just one month after that photo was taken, she ran into her future husband in Italy—15 years after they’d first met. Andi noted to E! that part of the inspiration for her Instagram message came after Blaine left a sweet note on her car. 

“I was like, ‘Proof to never settle,'” she said, “‘even if it takes you 35 years.'”

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