Why Demi Lovato’s Sister Madison De La Garza Decided to Get Sober

In addition to Eva Longoria and Ricardo Chavira, who played her tumultuously married parents, Gaby and Carlos Solis, she recalled, “it was the sound guys and the prop guys and my set teacher, and all of these people stuck with me throughout all of those years. They just wanted to see me happy.”

The experience taught her “everything I know about hitting your mark, and staying professional and remembering lines,” she said. “But I also learned how to pick yourself up when you’re having a bad day and how to stand up for yourself.”

So yes, she would be up for playing Juanita again. In fact, because the question comes up so often, her fans have already signed off on her idea for a Desperate Housewives revival about the now grown-up children of all those Wisteria Lane drama queens.

“I always say, if I was asked to be in hair and makeup at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning for a reboot, I would be there absolutely 100 percent,” Madison said. “I think it would be iconic.”

Definitely a story worth telling.

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