Amazon suddenly discontinues Halo devices and issues refunds. Do you qualify?

Image of a Halo Rise on a bedside table next to a plant at night


If you love your Amazon Halo Rise, Band, or View, you will have to find an alternative soon. Amazon just announced that the company will be discontinuing its popular Halo line of consumer tech, effective July 31, 2023. 

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Amazon’s discontinuation of Halo products doesn’t mean the company is ceasing manufacturing yet; it just means that by August 1, your Halo devices will no longer function properly, in many cases rendering them useless. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the shutdown and what you should do if you own one of the impacted devices.

Which Amazon Halo devices are impacted?

Everything with the Halo branding will be decommissioned by the end of July. That includes the recently announced Halo Rise, a sunrise-simulating alarm clock, the Halo Band, which featured a number of health-tracking perks, recipe suggestions, guided meditations, and compatibility with other fitness apps, and the Halo View, built on the Band’s foundation but with an interactive touchscreen.

Can I get a refund for my purchases?

If you prepaid for your Halo Band subscription, which included personalized health insights, then you’ll be refunded the remaining amount by Amazon. If you were paying on a monthly, $3.99 basis, then you won’t have to anymore.

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If you purchased a Halo device or Halo accessory within the last 12 months, Amazon will refund you. That applies to the Halo Rise, Halo Band, Halo View, and Halo accessory bands.

What to do with your Halo data and devices

Users will have the option to download or delete their Halo health data by going to the Settings page in the app. You can also save any scanned images from the wearable onto your smartphone by opening the image, tapping the button next to the camera icon, and selecting “Save images to phone.” According to Amazon, any leftover data will be wiped after August 1.

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As for the hardware, Amazon encourages you to recycle your Halo products and devices through Amazon’s Recycling Program. In this program, Amazon will pay for any shipping costs needed to deliver your unused gadgets.

Bottom line

According to a report from The Verge, Amazon shutting down Halo operations led to role reductions at the company. Amazon told employees that the decision to discontinue Halo products stemmed from “an increasingly crowded segment and an uncertain economic environment.”

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And that’s true. Fitness trackers aren’t the latest and most innovative products on the market, and people have resorted to Apple Watches, Fitbits, and other smartwatches equipped with more comprehensive health-tracking technology to measure their lives.

Although the news is disappointing for some, if you’re looking for a replacement sunrise alarm clock or fitness tracker, our experts at ZDNET have rounded up the best that’s out there. 

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