Melissa Gorga Slams Teresa Giudice for Comment About Her Daughter

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice‘s bitter family feud rages on.

Tensions between the sisters-in-law hit a boiling point on The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s April 18 episode after Teresa made a comment about her niece Antonia Gorga—the oldest child of Melissa and Joe Gorga—not attending her daughter Melania Giudice‘s 16th birthday party.

During the cast trip in Ireland, co-star Rachel Fuda asked Teresa if the cousins are still close despite their parents’ falling out.

“Well, they were,” she answered, “and then Antonia didn’t come…”

The comment sent Melissa into a fury. “Are you gonna blame Antonia for something right now?” she replied. “Don’t even say her name if you’re going to say something negative.”

After Teresa noted that “Melania was so hurt that Antonia didn’t go to her sweet 16,” Melissa explained Antonia was at an out-of-state cheer competition she couldn’t miss. However, Teresa insisted Antonia should have shown up for at least an hour since Melania attended her 16th birthday party.

Later, Melissa recounted the fight—and her rage over the comment—to Joe over the phone. 

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