Why Katy Perry Got Booed on American Idol for the First Time

The American Idol audience doesn’t love the judges’ comments unconditionally. 

During the ABC show’s April 17 episode, contestant Nutsa Buzaladze delivered a performance of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals‘ “Paris (Ooh La La).” While the rendition confirmed the 25-year-old deserved a spot in the Top 26, judge Katy Perry had a suggestion for Nutsa’s future.

“Nutsa, every time you take the stage, it’s like you glitter bomb the stage,” she said. “Listen, I think one thing I personally would like to see from you is not one piece of glitter the next time. I know that’s gonna be hard.”

As the audience—the show was filming in front of fans in Hawaii—erupted in boos, Katy’s fellow judges couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“Whoa, hostility!” Lionel Richie shared. Luke Bryan added, “Yes! Katy got booed. Katy got booed.”

Despite experiencing a first in her six years of judging contestants on American Idol, Katy didn’t regret her honest feedback.  

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