Why Charity Chose That Contestant on The Bachelorette

We guess there’s a reason the saying is mother—not brother—knows best.

In The Bachelorette‘s season 20 premiere on June 26, Charity Lawson began her journey to find love, meeting her 25 suitors outside of the iconic Bachelor mansion. And the 27-year-old child and family therapist had some unexpected help on her first night thanks to her older sibling Nehemiah Lawson, who donned a disguise and worked as a bartender to eavesdrop on the men’s conversations in the hope of finding out who was really there for the right reasons.

And one contestant who immediately raised a red flag for Nehemiah: Brayden Bowers, the 24-year-old travel nurse with an affinity for earrings. The problem? Charity was into Brayden. Like, really into Brayden, so when Nehemiah expressed his concerns about the contestant prior to Charity handing out her first impression rose, our Bachelorette faced her first major obstacle as the lead.

In a surprising move, Charity decided to give Brayden her first rose of the season, despite Nehemiah’s warning. 

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