Bad Bunny Leaves Little to the Imagination in Nude Selfie

Bad Bunny is living up to his stage name with a very naughty photo.

The rapper shared an uncensored nude mirror selfie as part of a photo dump shared on his Instagram Stories Aug. 26. While the lighting in the pic is pretty dark, the 29-year-old leaves little to the imagination as he poses in what appears to be an open-air shower.

Bad Bunny has occasionally shared naked pics of himself on Instagram over the past few years. However, this photo, which quickly went viral, marks one of his most explicit ones. (See a cropped version below.)

In addition to his naughty selfie, Bad Bunny also posted as part of his photo dump a video from a hike with a woman who sounds like Kendall Jenner, with whom he has sparked romance rumors for months amid a series of joint outings. After spotting a chipmunk on the ground, she exclaims it is “the cutest thing ever” and tries to get the animal to come closer.

“Mami,” Bad Bunny tells her, “be careful.”

She asks him, “Rabies?” and he responds, “The mosquitos.”

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