Lil Tay’s Mom Angela Tian Details Custody Battle Following Death Hoax

In the aftermath of the death hoax, Angela also opened up about the toll the custody battle has taken on her mental health.

“It has been years of blood, sweat and tears—this experience has put us in a constant state of severe depression, for myself and for both of my children,” she told E! News in a separate statement Aug. 18. “Tay has had to talk to counselors for two hours weekly. We have dreaded every waking moment with no hope in sight for years.”

Sharing there are “no words to describe the years of pain and oppression my daughter and I have suffered,” Angela continued, “It breaks my heart that my children had to endure this pain for so long.”

“Years have been lost—years that we will never get back and damages that will last a lifetime,” she added. “I have been financially ruined fighting for my daughter’s rights and freedom which should have never been taken away to begin with.”


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