Pregnant Stassi Schroeder Gives Clue on Baby No. 2 Name

After all, a lot of names ended up on the chopping block before the Next Level Basic author landed on this mystery moniker.

“The main one that I was going to name this boy is Loring. I thought it was so fun,” she told bestie Lala Kent on the Aug. 30 episode of the Give Them Lala podcast. “These are so embarrassing. Beau said no to every single one of these so it wasn’t like we were going to name [our son] this. Loring was the only one we agreed on except for this current name. Because it is cool and you can call him Lore like our favorite podcast.”

Stassi went on to explained: “These are bad. Wolfrum, Fawkes, Credence, Crescent, Clement and Ossi because it rhymes with Stassi.”

“There are so many popular names that I really love,” she said. “I love all the popular names but I don’t want my kid to have the same name as everyone else. If I know one person [with that name] then that name is off the list.”

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