Shenae Grimes Reveals Where She Stands With 90210 Costars

And as for Tristan Wilds, who played her onscreen brother Dixon?

“Tristan and I always send ‘Happy birthday sis,’ ‘Happy birthday bro,’ once a year,” Grimes—who shares two kids with husband Josh Beech—continued, “and keep congratulating each other when we keep popping out babies.”

These days, it’s safe to say there’s a bond in the zip code that can’t be broken. However, the Picture This actress explained that the cast went through some rocky periods while the show was on-air.

“It’s one of those things where there was so much tension behind-the-scenes for so long,” Grimes confessed. “We always said the behind-the-scenes should have been a reality show of it’s own because that’s where the good entertaining s–t is. But when the show got canceled it was such a mourning process for me. It was like, ‘I don’t like you guys but I love you.”

And still, the group has one another’s back all these years later.

“They are my family and if anyone ever came for any one of them I will stand there toe-to-toe with that person,” Grimes shared. “It’s an unconditional thing and nobody experienced what we shared together. Nobody ever will. It was a super crazy time and we we’re each others lifeline throughout it all.”

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