Why This White Lotus Star Was Embarrassed Meeting Taylor Swift

Meghann Fahy lived out her wildest dreams when she met Taylor Swift.

In fact, the White Lotus star recalled feeling all too unwell when she met the “Cruel Summer” singer for the first time.

“Meeting Taylor Swift was…I couldn’t have been more starstruck,” she told W Magazine in an interview published Aug. 15. “I almost threw up before meeting her. I saw her from across the room, and I just started crying involuntarily. I was so embarrassed.”

As for how the encounter went, Meghann said that she approached Taylor after regaining her composure.

“I was like, I cannot say hello to her with tears in my eyes,” she recalled. “I have to pretend to be seminormal, but I don’t think I fooled her. She put her arm around me, and she was like, ‘you’re fine.'”

And it turns out that Taylor was equally a big fan of Meghann, who played Daphne in season two.

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