Maria Menounos Reveals How Daughter Athena Changed Her Entire Life

But having spent more than 10 years working toward her dream of a family, she also knows better than most, “You’ve got to be patient, because it’s not on our clocks,” the actress explained. “Sometimes there’s a reason something isn’t coming to you when you think it’s supposed to come. If Athena came in the times that I wanted her to come, I would not be having the experience I’m having with her now where I’m present for her. I would have been in my crazy busy days and she would have just been thrown into it. Now she is my day.”

So, yes, happiness comes to those who wait and all of that. 

“I live for every moment that I have now,” Menounos shared of being at home with Athena. “So many of us spend so much time in the past, lamenting, or worrying about the future that we’re never here in this present moment.”

But if you’ll allow her just one glance in the rearview, she’d say she’s grateful for all the parts that brought her to where she is today. Now, holding Athena, said Menounos, “Everything that I’ve gone through has been worth it to have her. Yes, absolutely.” 

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