‘Data is the new wine’: How enterprises can navigate data architecture innovation for long-term maturation and success

ZDNET Editor-In-Chief Jason Hiner spoke with Matthias Patzak, enterprise strategist at AWS, to discuss how to approach the often-changing data architecture landscape.

The amount of data in the world continues to rapidly expand, creating new challenges for organizations on how to both manage and organize it effectively. As new data architectures emerge, stakeholders must figure out how to integrate these technologies into their existing structures in order to remain at the forefront of their industries.Data lake and data mesh are two examples of architectures. Both can help you achieve your goals of driving business value from data, and both can help organizations break down data silos, said Matthias Patzak, enterprise strategist at AWS.”Ultimately, it comes down not to technical questions, but to the fundamental core beliefs in your organization and how mature and capable your teams are that would take on additional analytical responsibilities,” Patzak said.In this episode of “Into the Cloud,” ZDNET Editor-In-Chief Jason Hiner spoke with Matthias Patzak about how AWS works with clients to navigate innovations in data architecture, the influence of new technologies like generative AI on enterprise systems, and what stakeholders should prioritize next in their data leadership.

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