Richard Riakporhe’s chilling warning for Chris Billam-Smith: ‘It won’t be just a win, it’ll be a KO’ | Boxing News

Richard Riakporhe has vowed to travel to Bournemouth and knock out Chris Billam-Smith in his hometown.

That’s the fight London cruiserweight Riakporhe is demanding next.

Billam-Smith, starting to struggle in his WBO cruiserweight championship defence on Sunday, saw challenger Mateusz Masternak retire on his stool after seven rounds.

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Sky Sports’ Andy Scott and John Dennen dissect Chris Billam-Smith’s showdown with Mateusz Masternak and what could be next for the cruiserweight title holder

Riakporhe is the No 1 contender for the WBO world title that Billam-Smith retained and can expect to be called as the mandatory challenger.

He is adamant that his power will overwhelm the champion.

“The shots he was being hit with by Masternak weren’t heavy shots but you could see it was hurting him,” Riakporhe told Sky Sports.

“If I land one of those shots, how’s he going to react? How’s he going to react to a jab from me, or a right hand from me or a hook from me? It’s going to be very dangerous.”

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Chris Billam-Smith gives his reaction after stopping Mateusz Masternak to retain his cruiserweight title

He sees himself landing that knockout.

“I rarely dream,” Riakporhe said. “I’ve been having dreams that I’ve hurt CBS really, really bad. I feel like if he takes that fight, I don’t know what’s going to happen. He just has to be careful.

“I mean literally I’ve been dreaming of hurting him really bad. Really, really bad. And from what I’ve seen here, I know I can. I know I can,” he continued.

“That’s up to the referee to do their job to stop anything from happening to anybody.”

He was surprised to see Masternak halted in that manner.

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Highlights of Chris Billam-Smith’s stoppage win over Mateusz Masternak to retain his world title

“That was quite strange. I’ve never seen Masternak in a situation like that. I didn’t ever imagine that he wasn’t going to get up off his stool. He must have a serious injury,” Riakporhe said.

“He was looking really good in there, Masternak. He was bossing it. He was getting the shots. He was landing the shots and CBS was having a tough time in there. But we knew it was going to be like that.

“He got the win and that’s the most important thing.”

There are elements in the Bournemouth man that Riakporhe has to respect.

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Chris Billam-Smith retained his WBO cruiserweight title after Mateusz Masternak was suddenly unable to continue after sustaining a rib injury

“He’s dangerous. He’s tough, he’s strong,” Riakporhe said of the champion. “He’s had more fights than me. 100 per cent he’s not someone I can take lightly.”

Despite that, he will come to Bournemouth to face Billam-Smith, and the home support that inspires him.

“Anywhere I don’t mind. I believe what is written is what’s written. It doesn’t matter where it happens, even if it happens on the moon, we’re going to get the result. What’s going to happen will happen,” he declared.

“That’s the fight I want to see. The world wants to see that fight.”

There is one thing he has in his mind – in his dreams even – victory by knockout.

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Chris Billam-Smith makes his entrance in Bournemouth and is met by very warm welcome as he takes on Mateusz Masternak

“I want to perform. I want to perform and give the fans something to think about. I understand my gift. My gift is power,” he said. “I feel like it’s my time. My ancestors have given me some gift… I have to do what I’m supposed to do.

“I have the ability to knock out any cruiserweight in the world. So that’s all I want to do, deliver to myself, my coaches and the boxing fans.

“What I believe deep down in my soul that I’m going to win and I will be in victorious in the fight with CBS for the WBO.

“And it won’t be just a win, it’s going to be a KO.

“Now it’s time for new blood, fresh blood, somebody that has the ability and the potential to really do something amazing in the sport. I’m hungry.”

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