Brooke Shields Reveals How One of Her Auditions Involved Farting

Not all Hollywood auditions are nerve-racking. In fact, some can be a gas.

Take it from Brooke Shields, who said her audition for 1976’s Alice, Sweet Alice involved farting while dramatically pretending to be strangled.

“I got the job, by the way,” she said with a laugh on the April 3 episode of Watch What Happens Live, during which host Andy Cohen guessed strange facts about Brooke and fellow guest Elizabeth Hurley. “My first movie I ever was in.”

Pointing out how the slasher film was later rereleased under the title Holy Terror, Brooke teases, “That wasn’t just about the fart!”

Elsewhere in the segment, the 58-year-old confirmed that a hopeful suitor once offered her family 12 camels in exchange for hand in marriage. However, as Brooke jokingly noted, her mom Teri Shields thought the dowry was on the low side.

“‘Seriously?'” she recalled of Terri’s reaction, quipping that the fan should’ve thrown “some diamonds” into the deal as well.

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