Olivia Munn Details Fertility Journey After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The X-Men: Apocalypse star has since had four more surgeries in her fight against cancer, and GMA shared her doctor wants her to soon start taking a treatment drug that will hopefully prevent the production of cancer-growing hormones in other parts of her body.  

Munn previously spoke about her other procedures—which have included a lymph node dissection, reconstructive surgery, a nipple delay and a hysterectomy—and how she’s continuing to stay positive about her family’s goals. 

“When you’re pregnant with your own baby, it’s like teamwork—you and the baby working together to make their little life come true,” she recently told Vogue. “You’re doing all this work to eat well, try to not have anxiety, just do all the right things during the pregnancy. With a surrogate, you have to try to go find a version of yourself somewhere out in the world. Somebody that you trust as much as yourself to live their life as a pregnant woman the same way that you would.”

“But a surrogate isn’t a scary prospect to me anymore because there’s nothing I can do,” Munn continued. “I don’t have the ability to carry a baby anymore, so if we want to build our family, this is our option. This journey has made me realize how grateful I am to have options for not only fighting cancer, but also having more children if we want, because I know a lot of people don’t have those options.” 

To see her and Mulaney’s family photos, keep reading. 

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