Uber just unveiled a shuttle service and 4 other ways to save you money

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Uber unveiled several new features on Wednesday at its Go Get event that will change how people use the app. The products emphasize cost-effective ride-hailing, scheduled rides, and partnerships. In line with the brand’s goal of being “the everything of motion,” Uber is expanding its offerings with shuttle services to large events; discounted rides; an Uber Caregiver feature that works with insurance providers for in-network care; and a new Costco partnership. 

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The ride-hailing app’s focus on discounted rides through shuttle services, scheduled shared rides, and a discounted Uber One membership for students comes amid customer complaints of higher prices. The new features offer riders a way to sidestep the high cost of an individual ride by encouraging other forms of transportation, whether scheduled shared rides or shuttles. Keep reading to learn more about all of Uber’s newest product launches.

1. Uber Shuttle 

Think of Uber Shuttle as a privatized and personalized bus service. With Uber Shuttle launching this summer, you can reserve up to five seats on a local shuttle service with others headed to the same destination, whether an airport, a concert, or a sporting event. You can book your seat up to seven days and as close as five minutes before your Shuttle’s scheduled departure. Here’s the best part: Uber Shuttle trips will not be impacted by surge pricing and will cost “a fraction of the price” of an UberX. 

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“Looking ahead, we’re excited to work with airports and local officials to bring convenient airport shuttle service to riders in cities throughout the world,” the press release states. Given Uber’s partnership with LiveNation, Uber Shuttle will roll out to select amphitheaters across the US. Expect the first few shuttles to come to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

2. Schedule UberX Share

Everybody knows that sharing an Uber is much more cost-effective than riding alone. Uber is set to make that shared trip even cheaper when you schedule a shared ride anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 days in advance. Riders will save an average of 25% on this trip compared to UberX, according to the release. This feature rolls out to customers in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Atlanta today.

3. Uber One for Students

Students can now pay $5 per month or $48 per year for access to an Uber One membership, with perks like members-only pricing, no delivery fees, and up to 10% off orders. Daily discounts on orders from Domino’s, Starbucks, and Taco Bell are also included. US students can begin to take advantage of the membership in May. In July, Uber will launch Uber One for Students in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico, followed by France and Japan in September.

4. Uber Caregiver 

Uber Caregiver makes caregiving easier by automatically entering and applying your loved ones’ benefits in the app. You can take care of your loved one by scheduling rides to appointments, purchasing medical supplies and over-the-counter products, and ordering groceries on their behalf, starting this summer.

Caregivers can also communicate with the driver through a three-way chat in the app. Caregiver supports customers 65-plus with Medicare Advantage, Medicaid recipients, and customers with commercial insurance from their employer. 

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To see if your insurance provider is an Uber Caregiver partner, visit Uber is in active discussions with leading US healthcare providers and expects to bring these organizations online this summer, according to a company spokesperson.

5. Costco partnership 

Uber Eats is partnering with select Costco locations to offer their merchandise on the app for delivery. No, the $1 hot dog is not included, but the $5 rotisserie chicken is. The partnership means you don’t have to be a Costco member to gain access to Costco products, but Costco members will also save more on their Uber Eats orders, according to the press release. Costco members will also get 20% off their Uber One membership.

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