Ariana Grande Addresses Fans’ Shock Over Her Voice Change

Another even assumed the change had to do with Wicked, saying, “Bet you she does this voice change to help ease into the operatic resonance she needs to use for when she sings Glinda s–t.”

And Ariana herself has even touched on the changes she had to make to play the character, explaining that she worked with an acting coach and a voice coach everyday to assist in her transition to Glinda.

“Everything about me, I had to deconstruct to prove to them I could handle taking on this other person,” Ariana explained during a Feb. 26 appearance on The Zach Sang Show. “I had to completely erase popstar Ari, the person they know so well, because it’s even harder to believe someone as someone else when you’re so branded as one thing.”

She added, “I had to go all the way to strip that down, come into my callback with no makeup, my hair down, I looked like I was 11 years old.”

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