iPhone envy? Five iOS 18 features that Android users already have

The ability to rearrange apps and widgets anywhere on a home screen grid has existed on Android since the very beginning. Comments and reactions to Apple’s announcement on TikTok say it all.

No matter what Android phone you use, a long tap on an app or widget on the home screen will “lift” it so that you can rearrange it, remove it from the grid, or, in some cases, resize it.

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Material You, a color-theming tool that Google introduced with Android 12, basically achieves what iOS 18 new app coloring does. Technically, Apple’s interpretation is more refined, with a “Tinted” option on top of the standard Automatic, Dark, and Light, though I’ve gotten mixed results with it for non-Apple apps like Gmail.

However, now that it’s been almost four years since Material You debuted, the feature is much more polished, with better colorization for a wider range of apps.

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