Live updates: Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2024, including iOS 18, Siri, AI, and more

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Jason Hiner/ZDNET

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this year is already shaping up to be one of the company’s biggest events in decades. The opening keynote, which is taking place right now, is focused almost entirely on the buzzword we can’t stop talking about–artificial intelligence. 

Trailing behind major players like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, Apple today is unveiling a slew of AI features spread across the company’s most popular operating systems. While AI is the event’s main focus, Apple executives are also expected to announce this year’s software upgrades for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Vision Pro.

If you can’t tune in for the two-hour-long event, ZDNET has you covered. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the announcements at WWDC as they come.

VisionOS 2

  • Apple unveiled the first major upgrade to its recently released VisionOS: VisionOS 2. 

  • In Vision OS 2, Photos gets an upgrade that allows users to create Spatial Photos with added depth from photos already in their camera rolls. 

  • Spatial Personas in the Photos app lets users view photos together, creating a more shared experience. 

  • VisionOS 2 also supports new hand motion commands, allowing users to access some settings more easily. For example, users can open their hands and tap to reach the home screen or turn their wrists to see the battery level. 

  • Users who mirror their MacOS to their Vision Pro will soon get new sizes, including ultrawide monitor view

  • The Vision Pro will also include train support for travel mode, making working during your commute easier. 

  • Developers will be able to create Spatial Apps with more ease due to new frameworks and APIs. 

  • Apple is partnering with Blackmagic to make it easier to make Immersive Videos. 

iOS 18

  • Users will also be able to customize their home screen further by placing apps wherever they’d like on the screen, as opposed to the usual fixed grid. App icon colors will also be customizable, allowing users to make apps any color they want or even match their home screen. Users can also change app icons to dark mode. 

  • After five years of remaining untouched, the Control Center received several upgrades, including the ability to customize its toggles, like for flashlight, screen recording, calculator, auto-rotate, screen mirroring, and more, by tapping, holding, and rearranging. The Control Center toggle will also feature different pages with completely customizable controls for users. Developers can also create controls for their apps.

  • Apple also added privacy options, including the ability to lock an app, which requires users to authenticate with FaceID or passcode before accessing the app. Users can also hide an app, which makes it disappear from the home screen to a hidden part of their app library.  

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