This e-bike comes with a free grill (really)

A man in camouflage and wearing a hiking backpack on a Bakcou eBike, pedaling through a woodland clearing


Got an outdoorsy dad that’s hard to buy for? Looking to pick up an eBike and like free things? Bakcou is offering a 28-inch Blackstone Omnivore Griddle propane grill (a $350 value) for free with the purchase of any new eBike from their lineup.  

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The Flatlander series is designed for for mountain trail riders and hunters looking to travel light. You can configure it with up to a 25 amp hour battery and either a 29.5 or 24-inch tall frame. With a top speed of 25 mph and a maximum range of up to 80 miles, it’s perfect for hitting park trails and hunting trails. 

The Kodiak eBike from Bakcou is built for more experienced trail riders and outdoor enthusiasts, allowing you to easily switch between rear, front, and all-wheel drive for tackling almost any type of terrain. The 25Ah battery gives you a top speed of 35 mph and a max range of 80 miles. 

The Mule is Bakcou’s workhorse model, designed for everything from trail riding and hunting to city commutes and leisurely rides. The 25Ah battery provides a top speed of 35mph and a max range of 80 miles. The Mule also has an ultra-tough Jäger version, with a 14-speed, all-metal gearbox and “smart motor” with sensors that monitor speed, braking, and even torque to prevent the motor from overloading and provide a smooth riding experience. 

The Scout is a full-suspension eBike specifically for mountain trail riding. It’s built with wide tires for better traction on dirt and gravel while the 11-speed gearbox gives you total control over your bike. The bike’s suspension system was designed with rough terrain in mind, letting you tackle off-road trails and landscapes either under pedal power or with the electric motor assist. You can configure the bike with up to a 21Ah battery for a top speed of 35mph and a max range of 65 miles; it also has a Jäger model with a 14-speed gearbox and integrated torque sensors. 

The Storm is another full-suspension eBike from Bakcou designed for tough mountain terrain. Experienced riders can take advantage of the Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor with its all-metal construction and integrated torque sensors for up to 1500 watts of output and high-thrills mountain biking. You can configure the bike with up to a 25Ah battery for a maximum speed of 35mph and a range of 80 miles. The Jäger version uses a German-engineered Rohloff hub, which features an internal gear system rather than a traditional cassette for smoother shifting and less risk of chain jumping while out riding.  

Bakcou’s Mav3 eBike has been designed specifically for use by police, military, and first responders who may need a lightweight, maneuverable vehicle to access remote areas during natural disasters or emergencies. The 30Ah battery gives you a maximum range of 90 miles and a top speed of 35mph for faster response times then every second matters. The Bafang Ultra M620 gearbox features an internal shift design for better reliability and smoother shifting; It also allows you to switch between 750W and 1000W outputs to be Class 1-compliant when responders need to traverse both off-road and on streets.  

You’re going to want to hurry with this deal: Bakcou is only offering the Blackstone Omnivore griddle grill with the purchase of a new eBike until June 17.

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