Francesca Farago Shares How Arlo Feels About Becoming an Older Sibling

Francesca Farago & Jesse Sullivan Are Expecting Twins?! Couple Admits a Baby Bombshell (Exclusive)

Becoming an older sibling to Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan‘s twins seems like a perfect match for his first child Arlo

“Arlo is so excited for the babies,” the Perfect Match alum, who announced her pregnancy in March, told E! News in an exclusive interview. “They’re a cool teenager. You know when you’re a teenager, you’re going through so many things emotionally. So they try to act cool, but they are so excited. I can tell that every time we talk about them, they’re like, ‘My siblings! My siblings are in there.’ They just get super excited.” 

And while the little ones have yet to arrive, Francesca knows Arlo will already be a pro at showing them the ropes.

“I know they’re going to be the best sibling,” the Too Hot to Handle star continued. “They want to show them the coolest music and the coolest movies, and the kids are going to look up to Arlo so much as their cool, badass, older sibling. It’s so special to come together as a family. I’m so excited.”

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