New Meta Quest software update offers six-window multitasking – how to enable it

Meta Quest 3

June Wan/ZDNET

Multitasking on the Meta Quest headset just got a little easier. 

In a video posted to Threads, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg showed off a new feature for the Meta Quest — the ability to have six windows open at once. 

The previous limit was three windows at once.

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The new six-window mode works on the Quest Pro, Quest 2, and Quest 3 headsets, but you will need to turn it on. To enable it, head to “Settings” and then “Experimental.” You’ll see an option to toggle it on.

Unfortunately, you don’t have total freedom over where the windows go. “You can arrange up to three panels in a new ‘hinged’ layout,” Meta explained, “and then place up to three more panels anywhere you’d like, creating the ultimate multitasking setup.”

If you want to focus on one window, you can click the “Theater View” button on any panel to automatically bring it to the front and dim everything else.

Of course, just because you can have six windows open doesn’t mean things will run smoothly. It all depends on what six things you’re running. In Zuckerberg’s post, which showed six simultaneous videos of fireworks, some of the videos seemed to have a noticeable dip in quality. 

For comparison, the Vision Pro lets you place windows exactly where you want them in the environment.

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This six-window feature is part of the Meta Quest v67 software update, which should start rolling out soon, the company said. If you don’t see it in your experimental features section, you won’t have to wait much longer.

In the v67 update, you’ll also get content highlights from selected creators in your Horizon Feed. Meta says it teamed up with creators like A Wolf in VR, SteveKnows, m155yu, and more. You’ll be able to like or share any content, hopefully making the Horizon Feed a little more social. “And not only will this new content introduce you to new games and apps,” Meta wrote, “but we’re including destination tagging so you can easily jump into anything that catches your eye.”

Six-window viewing should be available as soon as you have the new software update, but creator highlights are rolling out gradually.

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