Olivia Culpo Reacts to Critic’s Comments on Wedding Makeup

Olivia Culpo doesn’t seem head over heels for this video.

Less than a week after she tied the knot with Christian McCaffrey, the former Miss Universe responded to online criticism over her wedding day commentary.

In a video recently posted to TikTok, Jessica Weslie Arena reflected on how Olivia told Vogue she wore little makeup down the aisle.

“For Vogue to even point these things out just gave me such weird vibes,” the content creator, who praised the model’s look in other videos, said. “Because obviously Olivia Culpo did something in order to not wear mascara, in order to not wear a lip liner, in order to not wear a pencil on her eyebrows. Be so for real, Vogue. Stop being a pick-me.”

After seeing the video, Olivia—who previously shared she got a lash lift—reacted to the post.

“It was an interview…..” she commented. “They asked me what my makeup was……………………….”

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