Selena Gomez & Benny Blanco’s Fourth of July Photo Will Make You Blush

Benny, real name Benjamin Joseph Levin, also shared the romantic way he surprised his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. “She loves movies,” he said. “So I rent out a movie theater. And she loves a comfortable couch, so I took out the seats and we put like a huge couch in the front.”

The producer also cooked and gathered for his girlfriend her favorite foods to eat while watching her favorite film.

“I brought a deep fryer, everything, made her fried pickles,” he said. “I got her all her favorite Taco Bell. She loves Hot Cheetos. I got hot Cheetos. And then she loves movie theater nachos, so I brought in a nacho machine. Her favorite movie growing up was Almost Famous, so we watched Almost Famous.”

Benny, who has often showcased his cooking skills on social media, also documented another delicious romantic endeavor on his TikTok April 29, one day before he released his cookbook, Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends.

The songwriter shared a video of him cooking a steak for Selena, which was delivered to her house with a handwritten note on a paper towel that read, “I love you! Sleep well! I made you steak!”

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