The best early Amazon Prime Day monitor deals

With Amazon Prime Day on the horizon, you can expect countless monitor deals to appear, giving you a great opportunity to upgrade your existing, elderly monitor or to purchase a new monitor suitable for gaming, working from home, or entertainment.

This year, Amazon’s massive Prime Day shopping event is taking place on July 16 and 17. But if you’re ready to shop now, you can take advantage of deals on monitors of all shapes and sizes suitable for every budget: affordable flat screens suitable for daily tasks, curved, high frame-rate models perfect for your next gaming session, large monitors perfect as entertainment hubs, or even dual-screen options for the busy home office worker. 

AlsoThe best Prime Day deals right now

Below, find our top picks for the best monitor deals ahead of Prime Day.

Best early Amazon Prime Day monitor deals

There are already some cracking deals available for monitors before the start of Prime Day, the best of which are listed below. This page will be updated with new, worthwhile deals as we find them.

  • Samsung 49-inch Odyssey curved gaming monitor for $1,100 (save $500): If you’re looking for a massive powerhouse of a monitor, you can save $500 on a 49-inch Odyssey — the perfect choice for gamers. 
  • Acer Nitro KG241Y 23.8-inch gaming monitor for $120 (save $53): A deal we like for a smaller, budget-friendly gaming monitor is $53 off a 23.8-inch Acer Nitro.
  • Acer 23.8-inch Zero-Frame gaming office monitor for $90 (save $28): If you need an affordable monitor for your home office, consider this 23.8-inch Acer model, which is now only $90.
  • LG 27-inch Ultragear gaming monitor for $130 (save $40): You can save $40 (24%) on an alternative monitor, a 27-inch Ultragear with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.
  • LG 28-inch DualUp monitor for $548 (save $52): Need more monitor space? LG’s DualUp monitor could be the answer. This vertical model can be tilted and shifted for comfort, and could be perfect if you want two screens running simultaneously.
  • Samsung 34-inch ViewFinity Ultrawide QHD monitor for $280 (save $70): You can save 20% on a 34-inch Samsung monitor. This QHD monitor offers users a 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync compatibility.
  • LG 34-inch curved UltraWide QHD monitor for $322 (save $28): If you want an impressive monitor able to handle your online gaming sessions, consider the LG 34WP60C-B. This ultra-wide monitor comes with AMD FreeSync Premium, QHD resolution, and a 160Hz refresh rate.

  • Current price: $1100
  • Original price: $1600

One of our favorite early Prime Day deals is for a Samsung Odyssey curved gaming monitor. This monitor, available with a $500 (31%) discount, comes with a 49-inch OLED display, FreeSync Premium Pro support, a 240Hz refresh rate, and a 0.03ms response time.

  • Current price: $120
  • Original price: $173

If you’re in the market for a smaller, budget-friendly gaming monitor, you can take advantage of a $53 discount on a 23.8-inch Acer Nitro. This monitor is called a ZeroFrame due to its thin, small bezel, and comes with a Full HD display, AMD FreeSync Premium support, a 165Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time.

  • Current price: $90
  • Original price: $118

A deal we like for an affordable monitor is $28 off this Acer design. Suitable for home office use, this monitor is equipped with a 23.8-inch Full HD Zero-Frame display, AMD FreeSync support, a 100Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time.

  • Current price: $548
  • Original price: $600

An unusual monitor is LG’s DualUp. The DualUp is a vertical option — rather than a traditional, horizontal design — which provides enough display real estate to run two screens simultaneously and offers a SDQHD resolution. This monitor is available with a $52 discount.

  • Current price: $130
  • Original price: $170

An alternative gaming or work monitor is on sale. This LG model comes with 27-inch Full HD display, a 165Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time. This monitor also comes with motion blur reduction technologies and support for AMD FreeSync Premium.

More Prime Day monitor deals


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  • Acer KB272 EBI 27-inch IPS Full HD monitor for $110 (save $45): For a budget-friendly, compact monitor suitable for small office spaces, you can save $45 on a 27-inch option that is flicker-free and comes with a 100Hz refresh rate. 
  • Samsung 27-inch Odyssey G30A monitor for $150 (save $80): Alternatively, if you need a small monitor packing enough power to handle your gaming sessions, consider the $80 discount on a 27-inch Samsung Odyssey. You can expect a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. 
  • MSI G271CP, 27-inch gaming monitor for $150 (save $32): An affordable gaming monitor developed by MSI is also on sale. This 27-inch model comes with a 165Hz refresh rate and FreeSync Premium.
  • Samsung 22-inch T350 Series FHD monitor 1080p for $89 (save $31): One of the most affordable monitor deals we have found is for the Samsung T350, an entry-level monitor suitable for work and daily tasks. 
  • ASUS TUF gaming 27-inch monitor for $159 (save $40): ASUS fans might want to check out the discount on this monitor, which comes with a Full HD display, up to a 165Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time.
  • InnoView laptop screen extender dual monitors for $300 (save $80): If you want a screen extender rather than a standalone monitor, consider the $80 discount on the 15.-6-inch dual monitor setup suitable for your laptop.


When is Amazon Prime Day 2024? 

Amazon Prime Day 2024 will officially run from July 16 at 12:01 a.m. PDT through July 17. However, you can expect deals to appear before the event, and competitors — such as Walmart and Best Buy — may also run their own versions of a summer sale. 

When does Prime Day begin?

Prime Day 2024 will begin on Tuesday, July 16, at 12:01 a.m. PT and run through Wednesday, July 17. The annual two-day sale will last 48 hours, although deals will start appearing ahead of time, and some discounts may also hang around for a few days afterward. Keep in mind that the products with the best deals will likely sell out quickly. 

What is Amazon Prime Day?

The first Prime Day was back in 2015 and has occurred every year since and is typically held in July. Although Amazon has branched out to add an October Prime event and runs an extremely popular Black Friday week, Prime Day remains one of the most popular sales events.

Prime Day grants Amazon Prime members exclusive access to deals on across all categories, including home, tech, apparel, and more. But you can always sign up for a trial to access the full sale without being a member.  

Are monitors really cheaper on Prime Day? 

In our experience, monitors often get excellent discounts during the two-day Prime Day sales event. Vendors including Samsung, LG, and Sony are only a handful among many that cut the price of their monitor ranges by up to 30% or 40%, making Prime Day a great opportunity to upgrade your existing hardware. 

How did we choose these Prime Day deals?

ZDNET authors and reviewers will only include deals that catch our eye: products we have hands-on experience with, want, or would recommend to our readers. 

We use our own experience, knowledge, and research to judge the worthiness of a deal that appears during Prime Day, alongside price tracker tools and services, to compare historical pricing data and determine whether or not we consider a deal to be of real value. Furthermore, we consider the price point itself: even if we’ve seen a product with a lower price point in the past if the new price is still valuable, we will consider the product’s inclusion. 

We like to see discounts of at least 20%, but in some cases — such as Apple deals, which often have less of a discount available — we may still include a deal if it demonstrates value for money. 

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