Here’s a look at what’s happening today — day two — at TC Sessions: Space 2021 – TechCrunch

Welcome to the TC Sessions: Space 2021 equinox — the halfway point where day one is in the history books and day two is about to begin. Today’s lineup delivers more in-depth panel discussions, Q&As and breakout sessions with leading founders, investors, engineers, government policymakers and academics.

You’ll also find scheduled breaks for networking, and don’t miss your chance to watch as the early-stage space startups exhibiting in our expo pitch to TC staff. It’s a great way to learn more about these impressive founders and gain a few pointers to punch up your own pitch.

It’s not too late: Buy a pass and connect with the global space community.

Here’s a quick look at just some of today’s events and opportunities — all designed to help you build a successful space business. Check out the event agenda to make the most of your day.

The Full-service Space Company — Rocket Lab’s 2021 saw it enter the public markets, announce brand new spacecraft, acquire companies and more. We’ll talk to Peter Beck about what the one-time dedicated launch company is turning into through all this growth and change.

Empowering and Protecting In-space Operations — As investment in space skyrockets, many companies are also thinking about safety and sustainability. Protecting and extending the life and capabilities of major installations in orbit requires advances in robotics, tracking and spacecraft design, as leaders from LeoLabs, Maxar and Astroscale will discuss in this panel.

Saving the World: One Small Sat at a Time — New space companies like Terran Orbital are emerging with the capability, confidence and financing to provide U.S. National Security with assets that previously could only be described as conceptual. In many cases, these companies are leading the field in technology, speed, innovation and affordability. The emerging combination of private innovation and government support is launching a new era in aerospace enterprise. Presented by Terran Orbital Corporation.

Robots, Meet Regolith: A New Generation of Lunar Landers and Rovers — The Moon is back on the menu with Artemis and a dozen other missions, and companies like Lockheed Martin, Masten Space and ispace are building a new generation of robotic explorers and surveyors to roam around its surface. Hear how they design for the Moon’s unforgiving surface and what robots can do to help prepare for human arrival.

Enter the equinox and explore all the opportunities waiting for you today at TC Sessions: Space 2021.

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