Lukas Gage Apologizes to Paris Hilton for Crashing Her Wedding

Lukas Gage crashed the wedding of the century—and we’re a little jealous. 
During a March 6 appearance on Paris Hilton‘s This is Paris podcast, the White Lotus actor shared what really happened when he crashed the third day of the socialite’s November 2021 wedding to Carter Reum.  
“I think the story got a little bit fumbled and maybe exaggerated, but I had a mutual friend that was there at the wedding—and he didn’t tell me that it was a wedding,” he recalled. “He just said, ‘Come to Paris’ party.'”
Lukas, who explained that he was the biggest fan of Paris and owned her self-titled album, said he “jumped on the opportunity” and went to the third day of the wedding festivities “in this disgusting T-shirt.”
“I’m the worst for doing that,” he added, saying that he wished he had known that the event was a wedding so he could’ve dressed in a “nice suit” and brought a gift. 

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