Drama Is Brewing in This Forever Summer: Hamptons Sneak Peek

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in Forever Summer: Hamptons.

In an exclusive clip, the cast of Prime Video’s Forever Summer: Hamptons, a new reality series from the creators of Southern Charm, catch up during a picnic on the beach. But things take an awkward turn when Shannon Sloane mentions she’s crushing on Frankie Hammer. “Frankie was teaching me how to do the paddleboards and I got my hands dirty,” she shares. “So we were like a little flirty together and stuff, which was cute.”

Lottie Evans adds, “Shannon thought he was smexy,” making Shannon yell, “Stop! You’re making me sweat!”

This peaks the interest of Avery Solomon, a Westhampton native, who chimes in, “So you’re interested?”

Uh oh.

When Shannon, now beet-red from embarrassment, says yes, Reid Rubio replies, “S–t. There’s tea with that.”

As it turns out, Avery is also crushing on Frankie. “Ilan [Luttway] had made a comment that Frankie wants you, he’s not interested in Shannon blah, blah, blah,” Avery explains, adding that she now feels like he’s off-limits because of their friendship. “I felt uncomfortable just by crossing that line.” 

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