Judge Greg Mathis Wants Son to “Make a Difference” After Coming Out

Greg Jr. Takes Next Step in LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Greg Mathis Jr. wants to follow in his father’s footsteps by helping others.

In a sneak peek at the July 17 episode of E!’s Mathis Family Matters, Judge Greg Mathis‘ son takes the next step in publicly coming out as gay by meeting with GLAAD’s Vice President of Communications a Talent Anthony Ramos.

“Obviously your dad is very well-known and out there,” Anthony begins before Greg Jr. adds, “And he has a very conservative fan base.”

Anthony tells Greg Jr. and his boyfriend Elliott that coming out in the public eye is “something for you to navigate as a couple.”

In addition to being 100 percent honest about his sexuality, Greg Jr. wants to become an advocate for his community.

Speaking of his dad, Greg Jr. shares, “His background is in civil rights advocacy, fighting for equal rights for everyone, including the LGBTQ community. So when I told him I wanted to become more public with my sexuality to help inspire other people and really share my story, he was proud of that.”

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